8 Rookies
6 Weeks
1 Mission
An Epic Adventure

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The full series is now available on DVD!
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Blue Zoo is an empowering 13-part observational documentary that follows eight young marine animal enthusiasts as they embark on an intense six-week training mission to realise their dreams to work with rescued marine animals and become dolphin and seal trainers.   Hailing from Ireland and Australia, our international team of Rookies head to Coffs Harbour, on the coast of eastern Australia, and are thrown in the deep end to learn how to care for and train rescued marine animals. Their hard work culminates in the creation of a brand new dolphin and seal performance that showcases the Rookies’ own conservation messages.

Throughout their journey the Rookies experience the highs and lows of working with marine animals: from assisting with emergency seal, turtle and dolphin rescues and releases to witnessing the birth of a baby dolphin, to redesigning and building better animal homes to the not so glamorous job of preparing fish buckets and cleaning seal poop at 6 o’clock in the morning.

Blue Zoo is packed to the gills with life-changing adventures and life-long friendships and has the Rookies tackling global conservation issues head on.

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